UNIX WebSphere Application Server MO discovery fails to decrypt passwords. (NETIQKB72144)

  • 7772144
  • 11-Mar-2010
  • 11-Mar-2010


  • NetIQ UNIX Agent 7.1
  • WebSphere 6 running upgraded JRE version (JRE 1.5+).
  • WebSphere 7 (JRE 1.6)


WebSphere Application Server discovery fails.

When tracing is enabled for the WAS MO, the following is seen in the UNIX Agent's WAS trace logs:

NetIQAgentProvider.decryptString: Caught InvocationTargetException: com/netiq/unixagent/tasks/AgentProvider.Decrypt([B)Ljava/lang/String;


To work around this issue, the end user will need to extract a 1.4 JRE onto the UNIX machine and point the WAS Discovery script to the compatible JRE 1.4 version.

  • AIX





If assistance is needed in this process, please feel free to contact NetIQ UNIX Technical Support.


If the JRE used by the UNIX WAS server is later then 1.4, NetIQ will be unable to decrypt user passwords as the behaviour changed in later JRE versions (1.5+)

Additional Information

Formerly known as NETIQKB72144