How do I disable Auto Refresh? (NETIQKB72106)

  • 7772106
  • 17-Feb-2010
  • 27-May-2010


Netiq Secure Configuration Manager 5.8


How do I disable Auto Refresh?
The console hangs and users are unable to login.
Navigation within SCM is slow.


You must lookup the ID in the DB and insert this for the user that is trying to login.  This is by user and not by console so every user who cannot login and change it themselves will need to run this for their id.


 (PSUserID should be changed to match the id having the issue)



sp_SaveVigUserProperty @PSUserID = 123, @PropertyScope ='VSOCMisc' , @PropertyName = 'RefreshEnabled', @PropertyValue = 'false'



Automatic List Refresh is enabled. 

Additional Information

Formerly known as NETIQKB72106