Hotfix 72040 for NetIQ AppManager Repository Database (QDB) (NETIQKB72040)

  • 7772040
  • 19-Jan-2010
  • 04-Feb-2011


NetIQ AppManager 7.0.x
Repository Database


The NEtIQ AppManager Management Server stops inserting data into the AppManager Repository and becomes unresponsive to Agents.

Virtual Exchange nodes appear grayed out after restarting services even though jobs on the node agents are running correctly.

The hotfix installer for Hotfix 71992 for the AppManager Repository (QDB) appears hung and does not display an error after you select a target SQL server.

The first data points from multiple data streams can all appear to come from a single data stream or can all be rejected.

The Web Console displays Not Discovered and the Operator Console Details tab is empty for virtual servers and clusters.

Data points containing XML details are not saved and not displayed in graphs.

Redundant data causes Control Center Repository (NQCCDB) and AppManager Repository synchronization errors.

Deleting an object from a virtual cluster tree view removes the Monitoring Policy Master jobs running over the virtual cluster and leaves only the Monitoring Policy Jobs for physical nodes.


These issues are corrected in Hotfix 72040 for the AppManager 7.0.x Repository Database (QDB).  The Hotfix can be downloaded here.

Contents of the Download Package

The download package contains the following files, which are used by the hotfix setup program unless otherwise noted:

  • AM704_Hotfix72040_Setup.exe, the hotfix setup program
  • BaseInstall.dll
  • MFC71u.dll
  • msvcp71.dll
  • msvcr71.dll
  • Patch.ini
  • AM704_ReadMe72040.htm, this readme
  • Setup Files, a folder that contains AM704_Hotfix72040_QDBSetup.exe, the AppManager Repository setup program. The hotfix setup program automatically runs this file to update the AppManager Repository.

Installing This Hotfix

To install this hotfix, run AM704_Hotfix72040_Setup.exe for all AppManager Repository computers. You can install this hotfix either locally or from a remote computer.

To install this hotfix to a clustered AppManager Repository, run AM704_Hotfix72040_Setup.exe from a remote computer. Enter the SQL virtual server name in the SQL Server Name field and the SQL virtual server AppManager Repository name in the Repository field.

This hotfix creates or appends to the following logs:

  • PATCH.log, which records all events that occur during the installation process.
  • PATCH.err, which the hotfix installer creates if it cannot create PATCH.log.
  • When you install this hotfix on a computer where AppManager components already exist, this hotfix creates or appends PATCH.log to the default folder NetIQ\AppManager\Temp\NetIQ_Debug. Otherwise, this hotfix writes PATCH.log to the folder the installation account environment variable %TEMP% specifies.

Modified Files

This hotfix modifies the following stored procedures on all AppManager Repository computers:

  • CC_AddMembersToManagementGroup (Build Number 7.0.40392.0)
  • CC_RemoveMemberFromManagementGroup (Build Number 7.0.40392.0)
  • CreateData (Build Number 7.0.40392.0)
  • DeleteObject (Build Number 7.0.40392.0)
  • DeleteOldArchiveData (Build Number 7.0.40392.0)
  • MetaDataDiscovery (Build Number 7.0.40392.0)
  • msChangeJobStatusEx (Build Number 7.0.40392.0)
  • msGetJobInfoByJobID (Build Number 7.0.40392.0)
  • msGrayoutJobMachBits (Build Number 7.0.40392.0)
  • ndFillObjTable (Build Number 7.0.40392.0)
  • PropagateKSToJob (Build Number 7.0.40392.0)
  • task_minutely (Build Number 7.0.40392.0)
  • UpholdMPGetAllParentJobs (Build Number 7.0.40392.0)
  • UpHoldMPSubModifyChildJob (Build Number 7.0.40392.0)

This hotfix modifies the following function on all AppManager Repository computers:

  • fnListAllMachineType (Build Number 7.0.40392.0)


Multiple known issues in the AppManager Repository Stored Procedures.

Additional Information

Formerly known as NETIQKB72040

This Hotfix replaces all of the following previous Hotfix releases for the AppManager 7.0.x Repository:

  • Hotfix 71992 [January 4, 2010]
  • Hotfix 71583 [December 8, 2009]
  • Hotfix 71516 [April 21, 2009]
  • Hotfix 71407 [March 2, 2009]
  • Hotfix 71321 [Dec 12, 2008]
  • Hotfix 71275 [Oct 22, 2008]
  • Hotfix 71264 [Oct 02, 2008]
  • Hotfix 71057 [Sept 11, 2008]
  • Hotfix 71007 [May 07, 2008]