Failed to load the license into the OnePoint database when trying to install a new database? (NETIQKB72027)

  • 7772027
  • 13-Jan-2010
  • 06-Mar-2012


This error appears only when installing the Security Manager database for the first time. If TCP/IP is configured for a nonstandard port, or as not been installed at all, you receive a load license file error near the end of the install procedure. The install then halts and rolls back to the beginning.


To correct the "failed to load license into the onepoint database" error.


If this is being caused by TCP/IP not being active in SQL, activate it and restart the SQL services.

  1. From the Microsoft SQL Server 2005 -> Configuration Tools, open the 'Microsoft SQL Server Configuration Manager'.
  2. Expand ?SQL Server 2005 Network Configuration?, and then click ?Protocols for <Instance Name>?.
    <Instance Name> is the name of the instance of Microsoft SQL Express being used by the GFI product. 
  3. Right-click ?TCP/IP? and then click ?Enable?. The icon for the protocol will change to show that the protocol is enabled.

Then proceed with the Security Manager install as normal.

If this issue is because of a non-standard port do the following:

     1. Start the install of SM as normal.

     2. When you get to the database name screen use to following structure <SQLServerName>,<Port> then proceed with the installation normally.

This will force the SM installer to use the specified ports instead of the defaults.


This error is generated when a non standard TCP/IP port(1433) is used for SQL, or if TCP/IP is not active. During the install the installer package checks basic communication by loading the license file data via TCP/IP. It is the failure of this check that causes the roll back.

Additional Information

Formerly known as NETIQKB72027