How do you remove an orphaned agent from a Security Manager agent machine? (NETIQKB71999)

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  • 31-Dec-2009
  • 11-Jan-2010


Security Manager 6.x
Security Manager 5.x



How do you remove an orphaned agent from an agent machine?
How to I stop receiving "unauthorized machine" messages?


In this situation, an agent is orphaned when the agent no longer has an entry on the Central Computer/Database, or has an unauthorized entry which is not desired.

In order to remove a managed agent from the agent machine itself, perform the following steps:

  1. Manually Install a agent onto the machine in question.
  2. Once the manual agent installation completes, launch Add/Remove programs from the Control Panel.
  3. Locate the entry for NetIQ Security Manager.
  4. Uninstall NetIQ Security Manager

This removal should clear any Security Manager agent files from the server in question. Should you want to have a Security Manager agent on this server, you must now reinstall the Security Manager agent.


A computer with an existing Security Manager agent was renamed.  Security Manager no longer recognizes the existing agent.



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