How do I remove access for option 70: Utilities menu from PSMENU? (NETIQKB71995)

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  • 29-Dec-2009
  • 04-Apr-2012


How do I remove access for option 70: Utilities menu from PSMENU?


To remove the access from option 70 on PSMENU, the PU application in SMS needs to be changed to check authority.
The instructions also check if the user you do not want to have access to option 70 does not have specific authority to option 70.
From PSMENU, take options 2 and 1.
Take option 1 Applications Menu and then option 2 Select Other Application and select Application PU PentaSafe Utilities.
Back at the Application Menu screen, take option 3 Update Application and change "Check Authority" to *YES.
Press F12 and take option 2 Function/Options Menu and option 2 Work With Menus.
On the Work with Menus screen, take option 9=User Security on PC0.
On the Function User Authority List Page down to the profile in question and take option 2=Remove Auth on the
profile in question.
Now the profiles you removed do no longer have access to option 70 on the PSMENU main menu.
Any new user that will be added to our product and the "Authority administrator?" option (from PSMENU, take option 70 and 1) is not set to *YES will not be authorized to option 70.

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