Which hotfixes should I apply to the 7.1 NetIQ UNIX Agent? (NETIQKB71968)

  • 7771968
  • 14-Dec-2009
  • 08-Jan-2010


Last updated Dec 14th, 2009

The NetIQ UNIX agent's hotfixes are designed to be appled in a certain order for maximum stability.  Generally it is a good rule of thumb to apply hotfixes with their number incrementing.


Which hotfixes should I apply to a fresh installation of the NetIQ 7.1 UNIX Agent?


On a fresh 7.1 UNIX Agent implementation, the following hotfixes are recommended to be appled in the following orders.

NetIQ 7.1 UNIX Agent (agent installed on UNIX system to be monitored)

  • Hotfix 71840 (Oct 2009)  (AppManager UNIX Patch)
    • Resolves an issue with nqmdaemon in Solaris Global Zones
    • Resolves an issue with the LogicalDiskIO KS on HP-UX
    • Resolves an issue with incorrect bias time on AIX
    • Resolves an issue with RemoteProcessDown and AsciiLog KSs on all platforms.
    • Resolves an issue with the Oracle MO returning an error if the query to find all autoextensible datafiles returns no data (i.e. there are no autoextensible datafiles).
  • Hotfix 71935 (Dec 2009)  (Security Manager UNIX Patch)
    • Provides basic support for syslog-ng
    • Reduces the amount of File System Space Used for NetIQ Security Manager
    • Resolves an issue with Possible Data Loss in Reports from NetIQ Security Manager

7.1 UNIX Agent Manager (Java based UNIX console to manage UNIX agents remotely)

  • Hotfix 71934 (Dec 2009) (All UNIX products effected)
    • Add support for password protection of hosts list
    • Usability improvements
    • Resolves issues with opening Remote Deployment Wizard from SCM
    • Resolves issue where patch manager does not show all Agent computers
    • Resolves issue where UNIX Agent Manager does not properly delete log files
    • Resolves issue where UNIX Agent Manager does not properly install patch.
    • Add basic support to communicate to previous versions of the SM/SCM UNIX Agent (5.6)


Additional Information

Formerly known as NETIQKB71968