Security Manager could not find provider package for provider (NETIQKB71939)

  • 7771939
  • 18-Nov-2009
  • 20-May-2015


Security Manager 5.x
Security Manager 6.x


How do I install providers to unmanaged agents in Security Manager?
Receiving the following alert in the Security Manager consoles:
Provider Package has not been deployed to agent or was deleted. Scan or upgrade the agent to install the provider package.


Provider files should be copied from the CC to the agents using the following locations.

CC Location:
32bit:  C:\Program Files\NetIQ Security Manager\OnePoint\InstallMcsApps\ProgrammableProvider
64bit:  C:\Program Files (x86)\NetIQ Security Manager\OnePoint\InstallMcsApps\ProgrammableProvider
Agent Location:
32bit:  C:\Program Files\NetIQ Security Manager\OnePoint\Providers\{ConfigGroupName}\IncomingPrgProviders
64bit:  C:\Program Files (x86)\NetIQ Security Manager\OnePoint\Providers\{ConfigGroupName}\IncomingPrgProviders

Provider names:
Change Guardian for Windows

Change Guardian for Group Policy



Unmanaged agents can not receive providers from the Central Computer (CC) for Modules that require a provider package because of the missing rights.

Some newer modules (SM 6.5 and greater, CGW 2.0 and greater, etc.) now come with an unmanaged agent installer.

In order to load a provider on the unmanaged agent you need to copy the provider cab file from the Central Computer to the agent.  The Security Manager service will then kick off the extraction and install of the provider in the background on it's next check for updated providers.

Additional Information

Formerly known as NETIQKB71939

Additional providers may be release in the future and should be able to use this process if they do not come with an unmanaged agent install package.