The NetIQ AMU 7.0.1 agent will begin to run out of open file handles when bonded nics exist. (NETIQKB71916)

  • 7771916
  • 02-Nov-2009
  • 02-Nov-2009


NetIQ AppManager for UNIX Agent version 7.0.1


The 7.0.1 NetIQ AppManager for UNIX Agent (Linux) for will begin to eat file handles opening /proc/net/bonding when a bonded network interface is present on the system. Eventually the open file handle limit defined by ulimit will be hit and the agent will need to be restarted.


The code causing the bug was rewritten shortly after the 7.0.1 release in 2007 so future code audits did not turn this bug up.

This bug was (unknowingly) fixed in Hotfix 71018

You can also install the 7.1 UNIX Agent which does not contain this bug.


The Linux performance counter code opens /proc/net/bonding when bonded interfaces are present but never closes the directory.

Additional Information

Formerly known as NETIQKB71916