How do I connect Control Center 7.0.x to NetIQ KB 2.x? (NETIQKB71868)

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  • 06-Oct-2009
  • 16-Dec-2010


NetIQ AppManager Control Center 7.0.x
NetIQ Knowledge Base 2.0


How do I connect Control Center 7.0.x to NetIQ Knowledge Base 2.x?
Failed to connect to {path entered into Control Center}


To correc tthis issue, please complete the following steps:

  1. From within the NetIQ Control Center Console, select Tools then Options
  2. Select the Console folder from the options screen.
  3. Select Knowledge Base under the Console subfolder.
  4. Check the box to enable Knowledge Base Server
  5. In the Knowledge Base Server field, enter the host name of the SQL server only
    • For example is the database is on a server named SQL01 on a named instance of KB you will enter only SQL01
  6. Test your connection and verify that a connection has been successfully made.


The input provided to Control Center auto populates the majority of the connection string used to access the Knowledge Base database, therefore entering the information incorrectly, or by adding a domain name, port number, or SQL server instance name to the string will cause the connection to fail when tested.

Additional Information

Formerly known as NETIQKB71868

When connecting to the Knowledge Base database with control center, the "DefaultLogin" account is used and must not have a password assigned to it.  The password for this account by default is blank, and as long as the password remains undefined, Control Center will be able to connect.  You can verify if this account has a blank password by connecting to the Knowledge Base Console using the Login name : DefaultLogin and leave the password field blank.