Security and Compliance Dashboard fails to load new tab setup page. (NETIQKB71860)

  • 7771860
  • 29-Sep-2009
  • 18-Jan-2012


NetIQ Security and Compliance Dashboard 1.0


Wnen I select the New Tab option inside of the Security and Compliance Dashboard Wizard it never loads the page.


From the NetIQ website download the Security and Compliance Dashboard hotfix 71860. 


There is a problem in the product that will cause this page not to load as it should and results in the status bar never completing

Additional Information

Formerly known as NETIQKB71860

This Hotfix resolves the following issues:

  • Improves Performance This Hotfix improves performance when viewing charts for managed groups that contain thousands of systems. (ENG278182)

    To further improve performance, apply Hotfix 71875 to the Secure Configuration Manager Core Services computer. For more information about Hotfix 71875, or to download Hotfix 71875, see
  • Resolves an Issue With the New Tab Setup Wizard This Hotfix resolves an issue where the New Tab Setup Wizard loading progress bar does not complete. (ENG277729)