Error installing DRA web components: ASP mapping is not correct (NETIQKB71839)

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  • 21-Sep-2009
  • 17-Nov-2011


Directory & Resource Administrator 8.5x
Directory & Resource Administrator 8.6x


Error installing DRA web components: warning message displayed stating ?ASP mapping is not correct.

What ASP roles are needed for DRA Web Console?


To resolve this issue, verify that both ASP and ASP dot NET are installed.  For Windows 2008 & 2008 R2 these are Sub Componets of the Web Server Role.


During the install of DRA Web console, the installer attempts to create ASP mapping files in the Default Web Site. If the ASP roles are not setup correctly, Windows will report an error back to the DRA installer.

Additional Information

Formerly known as NETIQKB71839