Unix_LogicalDiskIO failing to read counters on HP-UX on agent version 7.0.1 (NETIQKB71778)

  • 7771778
  • 31-Aug-2009
  • 08-Sep-2009


Appmanager for Unix 7.0.1
HP-UX on PA-RISQ and IA64 when logical volumes are in use.


Unix_LogicalDiskIO KS causes failures on Agent versions 7.0.1 when run on HP-UX on PA-RISQ and IA64 and logical volumes are in use.

The symptom of such failures is that the user will see an event such as "Could not find I/O statistics for Logical Disk Object DISK_OBJECT_DESCRIPTION".


This hotfix updates the agent so it will dynamically grow its list of logical volumes in the UNIX Agents memory to match the host system.  UNIX Discovery will still need to be run on the UNIX system after changes occur.


Under certain situations the addition/deletion of disks/logical volumes on HP-UX machines running the LogicalDiskIO KS can cause failures within the KS.

Additional Information

Formerly known as NETIQKB71778