What are the known issues in Directory and Resource Administrator 8.5? (NETIQKB71772)

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Directory and Resource Administrator 8.5


What are the known issues in Directory and Resource Administrator 8.5?


The following known issues in DRA 8.5 are currently being researched. If you need further assistance with any of the issues listed below, please contact NetIQ Technical Support.

Obsolete Option on File Menu for New Installation

When you install DRA in a new environment, in the Delegation and Configuration Console and the Account and Resource Management Console, the Reporting option on the File menu is obsolete. To generate Activity Detail reports in these consoles, right-click on an object and select Reporting > Changes made to objectName or Reporting > Changes made by objectName. When you upgrade DRA, the Reporting option on the File menu starts the Reporting feature from your previous version of DRA. (ENG236909)

Back Up Log Archive Files Before Uninstalling DRA

Before you uninstall DRA, back up the log archive files if you want to have access to them later. (ENG236491)

Domain Administrators Can Run Activity Detail Reports

Domain Administrators from managed domains have the ability to run Activity Detail Reports regardless of whether they have been granted the explicit right to do so within DRA. The DRA built-in group Administrators from Managed Domains, by default, has DRA Administration rights over an ActiveView that includes all Active Directory objects. Reporting Powers in DRA 8.5 are not constrained on a per ActiveView basis, and members of this group will be able to configure the reporting options and execute Activity Detail reports.

You can use the ModifyManagedDomainAA utility to disable the built-in Assistant Admin Group if you do not want Domain Administrators to have the ability to run Activity Detail reports by default. The ModifyManagedDomainAA utility restarts the NetIQ Administration service when you use the utility to remove or restore the Administrators from Managed Domains AA group. By default, the ModifyManageDomainAA.exe file is located in the Program Files\NetIQ\DRA folder. (ENG272798)

Diagnostic Utility Requires Run as Administrator On Windows Server 2008

When you use the DRA Diagnostic Utility on Windows Server 2008 servers, start the program using the Run as option and specify Administrator. (ENG272865)

Resource Collector Limits Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) to 55 Characters

The Resource Collector will not complete if the FQDN exceeds 55 characters. (ENG274734)

License Window Shows Incorrect Information After Upgrade

After upgrading a license, the License window under DRA Properties may not show the correct license information. The products honor the actual license, however the display of the license information is incorrect. (ENG274111)

Trusted Domains Show in List When Creating ActiveViews

Trusted domains that are not managed by DRA show in the list of domains when creating ActiveViews. No operations can be performed on these domains. (ENG274003)

DRA Should Display a Message Each Time Log Archive Auditing Is Unavailable

If you enabled the AllowOperationsOnAuditFailure registry key, DRA will not show a message that the log archive is unavailable the next time this situation occurs. If the log archive is unavailable again, operations are still logged in the AuditFailsFile.bin file in the Program Files\NetIQ\DRA\TraceBackup folder. To be notified that the log archive is unavailable again, remove the registry key for AllowOperationsOnAuditFailure after the log archive becomes available. (ENG275102)

DRA Core Service Events Might Be Logged in DRA Query Service Log

In some situations the DRA Core Service logs its internal event messages to the DRA Query Service log. If you want to view all DRA Core service event messages, review both logs for complete information. (ENG270396)

DRA Collector Access Account Needs Specific Permissions to the DRAReporting Database

In some situations the DRA Collector access account cannot connect to the DRAReporting database. Ensure that the access account you specify in the DRA Collector configuration has the following permissions on the DRAReporting database: (ENG274886)

  • db_datawriter
  • db_ddladmin
  • execute permission on DRAReporting stored procedures


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