Which AppManager folders and file should be excluded from virus scanning? (NETIQKB71764)

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  • 26-Aug-2009
  • 30-Nov-2018


AppManager 8.x
AppManager 9.x


Which AppManager folders and files should be excluded from virus scanning?


The following folders and their contents should be excluded from virus scanning:

  • %\NetIQ\AppManager\db
  • %\NetIQ\AppManager\dat
  • %\NetIQ\Temp
  • %NetIQ\AppManager\bin

These four directories contain the AppManager log files, PIOC files, binary files and the Local Repository of the agent and are constantly being updated.  If these folders are not excluded from Anti-Virus scanning, you may encounter performance issues such as high CPU utilization on the machine.

NOTE: If your Anti-Virus Software performs Active Scanning or Script Scanning, it may interpret nearly everything the NetIQ AppManager Agent for Windows does as a potential threat, as the Agent runs jobs that are purely script-based.

In such a case, the Agent's Services may experience long delays in starting or loading and/or severe Resource usage (CPU/Memory) as a result of the constant scanning of the Anti-Virus software.  Additionally, jobs may take significantly longer then normally necessary to complete a single iteration, as the work being done is being scrutinized by the Anti-Virus software.

If you are seeing issues with the NetIQ AppManager Agent for Windows similar to those described above, and excluding the three directories mentioned in the first part of this Fix does not help, you should either Disable Script Scanning, or you should exclude the entire ..\NetIQ\ directory from Active Scanning or Script Scanning to free the NetIQ AppManager Agent for Windows from being constantly scanned.

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