Unable to fail over to inactive High Availability Node using AMPP 4.1.2 (NETIQKB71664)

  • 7771664
  • 04-Aug-2009
  • 22-Nov-2011


AppManager Performance Profiler 4.1.2


Unable to fail over to inactive HA Node using AMPP 4.1.2. Instructions point to an exe that does not exist.


In order to successfully fail AMPP over from a High Availability (HA) Node to an Inactive HA node:

  1. Stop all AMPP services on both servers.
  2. Start just the HA and Tomcat services on Server A.  It should notice that no Analytics service is running and start the one on Server A.
  3. Next you can start the HA service on Server B.
  4. When it is running properly again, you can manually initiate the failover by clicking on the Failover button Server A only.


The instructions that ship with AMPP 4.1.2 point to an exe that does not exist.

Additional Information

Formerly known as NETIQKB71664