jre/bin/java: cannot execute [Invalid argument] received while running UNIX Manager on Solaris x86 (NETIQKB71613)

  • 7771613
  • 09-Jul-2009
  • 27-Jul-2009


UNIX Manager 5.6
UNIX Manager 5.7
UNIX Manager 7.1


When attempting to run the NetIQ UNIX Manager for Solaris on Solaris x86, you will receive the following:

"jre/bin/java: cannot execute [Invalid argument]"


Although the UNIX Manager is only officially supported on SPARC, you can attempt to utilize the JRE provided by your operating system by renaming the jre directory included to our agent to "jre.off"

If the UNIX Manager cannot find it's bundled Java runtime environment (which is compiled for SPARC), it will attempt to us the local systems (which should be compiled for x86)


The UNIX Manager is only officially supported on Solaris SPARC.

Additional Information

Formerly known as NETIQKB71613