Knowledge Scripts are not replicated when trying to manually replicate from Control Center Console (NETIQKB71583)

  • 7771583
  • 28-May-2009
  • 04-Jan-2010


AppManager 7.x


ENG261339: Cisco 5850 disappears from network device tab after discovery

ENG268329: Propagation fails when KS Language is changed

ENG264153: Webconsole event fetching timeout

ENG265713: HF71407 resets 'Restart_Stopped_PolicyJobs' option in table (GlobalPref) to 1

ENG260864: [701]Control Center console hangs after changing KSG

ENG265942: some KSs are not replicated when trying to manually replicate from CC console


Hotfix 71583 for the AppManager 7.0.1 Repository Database (QDB) has been released to correct multiple known issues.  You can download Hotfix 71583 for AppManager 7.0.1 from the following location:

This hotfix replaces Hotfix 71516.

Why Install This Hotfix?

This hotfix increments the QDB version to 7.0.25 to match the current management server version.

To allow the Discovery_Cluster Knowledge Script to properly discover cluster aliases as root servers, this hotfix creates a new cluster virtual node object NT_CLU_MachineFolder in the QDB ObjectType table. Version 7.6 of the AppManager for Microsoft Windows module can use this object type. Earlier versions of the module cannot use this new object type.

This hotfix resolves the following QDB issues:

  • Resolves an ASP error in the Web Console where accessing or sorting the jobs page when the Knowledge Script column contains a long KS name can result in the following message (ENG241684):

Operation is not allowed when the object is closed.
/netiq/ParentJobList.asp, line 554

  • Resolves an issue where the Control Center console hangs when you change a Knowledge Script Group. Control Center does not implement the change and the console displays the following message (ENG260864):

SQLSTATE=S1T00, native error=0, msg='[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver]Timeout expired' (This message is created by command UpdateKSProperty)

  • Resolves an issue where AppManager fails to discover a Cisco 5850 device with a large management information base. The device briefly appears on the Network Device tab and then disappears. (ENG261339)
  • Resolves an issue where the Operator Web Console fails to display results when you apply filters to event views. Slow queries can cause an ASP.NET connection timeout to the database. (ENG264153)
  • Resolves an issue with manually copying a Knowledge Script Group to multiple QDBs. When you use the Control Center console to manually copy a Knowledge Script Group, Control Center fails to copy some of the members to some of the QDBs. (ENG265942)
  • Resolves an issue where Knowledge Script language changes do not propagate to existing jobs or Knowledge Script groups. For example, changing the language from Summit to VB Script can cause existing jobs to fail with the following message (ENG268329):

Failed to fetch job request

After you apply this hotfix, to avoid errors caused by Knowledge Script jobs having different languages, propagate language changes before you add jobs.

  • Resolves an issue where the hotfix installation program cannot determine whether remote QDBs meet installation requirements, which can result in failed installations. After you apply this hotfix, to ensure successful installation, the hotfix installation program verifies the target QDB name and version and the SQL login account for remote QDBs. (ENG269890)
  • Resolves an issue where installing to a remote QDB from a computer with no AppManager components installed returns the following message (ENG270444):

No AM Component installed.

  • Resolves an issue where performance might be slow when you use the Uphold Rule Based Dynamic View job to evaluate a rule over a large number of computers. (ENG271472)
  • Resolves an ASP error in the Web Console where creating or deleting filters for custom jobs or switching between the jobs and event views can result in the following message (ENG272273):

Operation is not allowed when the object is closed.
/netiq/ParentEventList.asp, line 581

  • Resolves a discovery issue where deleting objects does not restart jobs. When discovery removes an object, it should restart any associated policy and ad-hoc jobs so they inherit new information. (ENG272421)
  • Resolves an issue where monitoring policy jobs keep restarting after you apply Hotfix 71516. The SyncPolicy task does not complete in its alloted time and each successive run calls it again. (ENG275936)
  • Resolves an issue where AppManager fails to archive events that do not have detailed event information. (ENG277001)
  • Resolves an issue where the job upgrade process fails to upgrade some jobs because it only recognizes the first three characters of the Knowledge Script build version. For example, the process does not recognize that version is different from version (ENG277328)
  • Resolves an issue where charts might have missing data in their data streams. The QDB Minutely task sometimes fails to process all valid data it collects across multiple agents into the Data and ArchiveData tables and writes it to the RejectedData table instead. (ENG278058)
  • Resolves an issue where the QDB is unable to keep up with throughput from several management servers. (ENG278724)
    For more information about the issues resolved with this hotfix, see NetIQ Knowledge Base article NETIQKB71583.

Contents of the Download Package

The download package contains the following files, which are used by the hotfix setup program unless otherwise noted:

  • AM7025_Hotfix71583_Setup.exe, the hotfix setup program.
  • BaseInstall.dll.
  • MFC71u.dll.
  • msvcp71.dll.
  • msvcr71.dll.
  • Patch.ini.
  • AM7025_ReadMe71583.htm, this readme.
  • Setup Files, a folder that contains AM7025_Hotfix71583_QDBSetup.exe, the repository setup program. The hotfix setup program automatically runs this file to update the repository.

Installing This Hotfix

To install this hotfix, run AM7025_Hotfix71583_Setup.exe for all QDB computers. You can install this hotfix either locally or from a remote computer.

This hotfix creates or appends to the following logs:

  • PATCH.log, which records all events that occur during the installation process.
  • PATCH.err, which the hotfix installer creates if it cannot create PATCH.log.

When you install this hotfix on a computer where AppManager components already exist, this hotfix creates or appends PATCH.log to the default folder NetIQ\AppManager\Temp\NetIQ_Debug. Otherwise, this hotfix writes PATCH.log to the folder the installation account environment variable %TEMP% specifies.

Modified Files

This hotfix modifies the following functions on all repository computers:

  • CC_fnConvertToIntName (Build Number 7.0.25051.0)
  • fnBuildIDToVal (Build Number 7.0.25051.0)
  • fnListAllMachineType (Build Number 7.0.25051.0)

This hotfix modifies the following stored procedures on all repository computers:

  • AddDiscoveredObjectsToHiddenViews (Build Number 7.0.25051.0)
  • AddMachineToCustView (Build Number 7.0.25051.0)
  • AddServersToView (Build Number 7.0.25051.0)
  • AddSrvObjToView (Build Number 7.0.25051.0)
  • Agent_IPAddress_InsUp (Build Number 7.0.25051.0)
  • CC_MPInsertUpdateTextPt (Build Number 7.0.25051.0)
  • CC_Populate_CC_SGServerObject (Build Number 7.0.25051.0)
  • CC_PopulateMemberServerToTempTablesrvobjid (Build Number 7.0.25051.0)
  • CC_RemoveAMemberFromMG (Build Number 7.0.25051.0)
  • CC_RemoveMemberFromManagementGroup (Build Number 7.0.25051.0)
  • CC_SyncObjectContentMode (Build Number 7.0.25051.0)
  • CC_SyncObjectName (Build Number 7.0.25051.0)
  • CC_SyncObjTypes (Build Number 7.0.25051.0)
  • CC_SyncObjTypesMode (Build Number 7.0.25051.0)
  • CC_SyncQDBViewSG (Build Number 7.0.25051.0)
  • CC_UpdateMGServerMembership (Build Number 7.0.25051.0)
  • CC_UpdateMGServerMembership4one (Build Number 7.0.25051.0)
  • CC_UpdateVSGModTime (Build Number 7.0.25051.0)
  • CC_UpdateVSGModTime_Event (Build Number 7.0.25051.0)
  • CC_UpdateVSGModTime_Job (Build Number 7.0.25051.0)
  • CC_UpdateVSGModTime_Server (Build Number 7.0.25051.0)
  • CC_UpholdCCMP (Build Number 7.0.25051.0)
  • CC_UpholdCCMP4one (Build Number 7.0.25051.0)
  • CC_VerifyCCMP4one (Build Number 7.0.25051.0)
  • CC_verifyMG (Build Number 7.0.25051.0)
  • CiscoCallMgrLicenseCount (Build Number 7.0.25051.0)
  • CiscoICDLicenseCount (Build Number 7.0.25051.0)
  • CiscoICMLicenseCount (Build Number 7.0.25051.0)
  • CreateData (Build Number 7.0.25051.0)
  • CreateDataHeader (Build Number 7.0.25051.0)
  • CreateEvent (Build Number 7.0.25051.0)
  • CreateKS (Build Number 7.0.25051.0)
  • CreateMachine (Build Number 7.0.25051.0)
  • CreateMonitoringPolicy (Build Number 7.0.25051.0)
  • CreateServer (Build Number 7.0.25051.0)
  • DeleteJobEx (Build Number 7.0.25051.0)
  • DeleteMonitoringPolicy (Build Number 7.0.25051.0)
  • DeleteObject (Build Number 7.0.25051.0)
  • DeleteView (Build Number 7.0.25051.0)
  • Discovery (Build Number 7.0.25051.0)
  • DrivePolicy (Build Number 7.0.25051.0)
  • FetchMachineObjID (Build Number 7.0.25051.0)
  • FindChildServers (Build Number 7.0.25051.0)
  • GroupFetchJobList (Build Number 7.0.25051.0)
  • licensesproc_CallData (Build Number 7.0.25051.0)
  • licensesproc_CiscoCallMgr (Build Number 7.0.25051.0)
  • licensesproc_CiscoCM (Build Number 7.0.25051.0)
  • licensesproc_CiscoCME (Build Number 7.0.25051.0)
  • licensesproc_CiscoIPTSecurity (Build Number 7.0.25051.0)
  • licensesproc_CiscoUE (Build Number 7.0.25051.0)
  • licensesproc_NortelBCM50x (Build Number 7.0.25051.0)
  • licensesproc_NortelBCMx (Build Number 7.0.25051.0)
  • licensesproc_NortelCC (Build Number 7.0.25051.0)
  • licensesproc_NortelCS (Build Number 7.0.25051.0)
  • licensesproc_Unity (Build Number 7.0.25051.0)
  • MetaD_GetTableMark (Build Number 7.0.25051.0)
  • MetaD_SetTableMark (Build Number 7.0.25051.0)
  • MetaDataDiscovery (Build Number 7.0.25051.0)
  • MoveArchiveEvent (Build Number 7.0.25051.0)
  • msGroupFetchRunningJob (Build Number 7.0.25051.0)
  • ndFillObjTable (Build Number 7.0.25051.0)
  • NetIQrpGenAppAvail (Build Number 7.0.25051.0)
  • NetIQrpSerLevAvail1x (Build Number 7.0.25051.0)
  • nqListUserRole (Build Number 7.0.25051.0)
  • PollPendingJob (Build Number 7.0.25051.0)
  • PropagateKSToAction (Build Number 7.0.25051.0)
  • PropagateKSToJob (Build Number 7.0.25051.0)
  • PropagateKSToMemberKS (Build Number 7.0.25051.0)
  • PurgeAllData (Build Number 7.0.25051.0)
  • Restart_PolicyJobs (Build Number 7.0.25051.0)
  • task_daily (Build Number 7.0.25051.0)
  • task_hourly (Build Number 7.0.25051.0)
  • task_minutely (Build Number 7.0.25051.0)
  • task_util (Build Number 7.0.25051.0)
  • TextPtChunking (Build Number 7.0.25051.0)
  • uiChangeJobStatusEx (Build Number 7.0.25051.0)
  • UnityLicenseCount (Build Number 7.0.25051.0)
  • Up_CheckParentJobVersion (Build Number 7.0.25051.0)
  • Up_FetchJobListByParent (Build Number 7.0.25051.0)
  • Up_FetchPJobList (Build Number 7.0.25051.0)
  • Up_FetchPJobListByKS (Build Number 7.0.25051.0)
  • Up_FetchPJobListByView (Build Number 7.0.25051.0)
  • Up_GetKSGroups (Build Number 7.0.25051.0)
  • Up_GetKSName (Build Number 7.0.25051.0)
  • Up_GetParentJobID (Build Number 7.0.25051.0)
  • Up_KSWithoutNewVersion (Build Number 7.0.25051.0)
  • Up_ListJobIDWithoutNewKS (Build Number 7.0.25051.0)
  • Up_ListJobsUpgraded (Build Number 7.0.25051.0)
  • UpdateKS (Build Number 7.0.25051.0)
  • UpdateKSProperty (Build Number 7.0.25051.0)
  • UpholdMonitoringPolicy (Build Number 7.0.25051.0)
  • UpholdMonitoringPolicyForKSBag (Build Number 7.0.25051.0)
  • UpholdParameterOverrides (Build Number 7.0.25051.0)
  • UpholdRuleBasedDynamicView (Build Number 7.0.25051.0)
  • UpholdRuleBasedDynamicViewEx (Build Number 7.0.25051.0)
  • VerifyPolicyDefinitions (Build Number 7.0.25051.0)
  • WebFetchParentEvent (Build Number 7.0.25051.0)
  • WebFetchParentJob (Build Number 7.0.25051.0)

This hotfix adds the following table on all repository computers:

  • CC_TempTxtFiller (Build Number 7.0.25051.0)

This hotfix modifies the following tables on all repository computers:

  • tmp_actions (Build Number 7.0.25051.0)
  • TextPt (Build Number 7.0.25051.0)

This hotfix modifies the following view on all repository computers:

  • PortalSeverityEventSummary (Build Number 7.0.25051.0)


Multiple known issues found with AppManager 7.0.1 Repository Database (QDB).

Additional Information

Formerly known as NETIQKB71583

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