Password sync fails when 10 character profiles change password on 8 character system names (NETIQKB71454)

  • 7771454
  • 03-Feb-2009
  • 13-Feb-2009


NetIQ Security Solutions for iSeries

PSSecure 8.0

PSSecure 8.1

Profile and Password Management (PPM)


Password sync fails when 10 character profiles change password on machines with 8 character system names

I changed my password but it does not get synchronized to other systems

The user?s interactive job log includes the following error message to indicate password synchronization failure: ?A matching parenthesis not found.?


The following PTFs have been released to resolve this issue:

1S03009 -- version 8.0

1S04001 -- version 8.1

This PTF resolves an issue with password synchronization. Before you apply this PTF, password synchronization fails when users with 10-character profile names change their passwords on systems with names that are eight characters. The system allows the password change but cannot synchronize the change with the other systems. After you apply this PTF, users whose password changes failed synchronization need to change their passwords again to ensure synchronization with all systems.


Additional Information

Formerly known as NETIQKB71454

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