Completed task queue does not refresh automatically (NETIQKB71401)

  • 7771401
  • 16-Dec-2008
  • 12-Mar-2009


Netiq Secure Configuration Manager 5.7.1


Navigating within the gui is extremely slow
When a report completes it does not automatically move to the completed task que until you do a manual refresh
The error.log is growing very large. An error is being written every 2 seconds.


This issue will be resolved in the next release of NetIQ Secure Configuration Manager.  The work around requires a script to be run within the database and the instructions can only obtained by contacting technical support.  Call 713-418-5555 or email to recieve the needed instructions. 



Flags in the GUIChecksum table exceed the VB integer range and must be cleared.

Additional Information

Formerly known as NETIQKB71401

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