What are the new features and benefits of VPC 5.5 SP2? (NETIQKB71375)

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  • 04-Dec-2008
  • 14-Nov-2011


VigilEnt Policy Center 5.5 SP2


What are the new features and benefits of VPC 5.5 SP2?


Why Install This Service Pack?

This service pack provides enhanced features and addresses issues in the following areas:

Enhanced Support in Web Services
This service pack includes enhanced support for various methods and parameters in Web Services. These enhancements include:

getUsersbyManager method: This method returns the list of users assigned to a specified manager in VigilEnt Policy Center.
activeOnly parameter: This input parameter returns data for active policies.
returnLEDList parameter: This input parameter returns a list of LEDs.
Enhanced Diagnostic Tools
This service pack includes application and synchronization diagnostic tools to assist in troubleshooting of repository synchronization issues.

Enhanced Synchronization Data Integrity
This service pack improves the accuracy of data transferred during synchronization of the repository. Due to the enhanced data integrity, you might experience a delay in synchronization time. (ENG248283)

Resolves an Issue with Synchronization on Nested Groups
This service pack resolves an issue with synchronization on nested groups. Before installing this service pack, when you run a synchronization on nested groups, the group enumeration is incomplete or retains groups previously removed from the repository. After applying this service pack, synchronization returns complete and accurate group enumeration, and removes any incorrectly retained groups. (ENG248283)

Resolves an Issue with Double-Byte Titles
This service pack resolves an issue where double-byte titles display incorrectly across the Administrator Site. (ENG247632)

Resolves an Issue with Many Database Connections Consuming System Resources
This service pack resolves an issue where normal user activity in VigilEnt Policy Center causes multiple extra database connections to open, consuming a large amount of system resources. (ENG250662)

Resolves an Issue Exporting Large Reports to Excel
This service pack resolves an issue where exporting reports with more than 50,000 rows to Excel does not work. (ENG248482)

Resolves an Issue with Translation in Policy Comments
This service pack resolves an issue with translating policy comments incorrectly. (ENG255876)

Resolves an Issue where Retake Quiz is Not Available
This service pack resolves an issue where if you select the Admin Site Only option under Quizzing Pass/Fail, the Retake Quiz option is not available for a failed quiz. (ENG256079)

Resolves an Issue where Expired Quizzes Still Published Are Not in Reports
This service pack resolves an issue where single-user summary reports do not display expired quizzes that are still published. (ENG255035)

Resolves an Issue where Incident Status is Not Updated
This service pack resolves an issue where when you update the incident status, and then search for the incident, the incident status is set to Open. (ENG239380)

Upgrading from Previous Versions

This service pack for VigilEnt Policy Center provides several important enhancements that affect your current installation. Review these considerations before upgrading from a previous version of VigilEnt Policy Center.

Normalization of Parameter Names
This service pack normalizes parameter names. If you use Web Services, ensure the parameters you are using with this version of VigilEnt Policy Center match the names you expect.

Updating Your Data
For installations that currently use the Microsoft SQL Server database, the update function makes many changes to the database. In the event of an installation error or if you need to roll back VigilEnt Policy Center to a previous version, you cannot undo the changes. You should always back up your database before updating your VigilEnt Policy Center version. The VigilEnt Policy Center directory contains configuration files and data files that are not stored in the database. Keep these backups available in case you need to perform an emergency restore.


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