Oracle MO enhancements (NETIQKB71371)

  • 7771371
  • 02-Dec-2008
  • 10-Dec-2008


AppManager for UNIX 7.0.x


Several issues have been reported with the Oracle MO version (Jan, 2008).

Some fixes include:

1) report full query text for TopResourceConsumingSQL and MostExecutedSQLStatements
2) correct ckoracle for HP-UX IA64 so that it can be run from the command line without setting UNIX95=XPG4.
3) enable the library search path for HP-UX PA RISC so that the xkpw executable will load properly during Oracle MO installation.
4) correct a race condition in the BlockingSessions KS that would cause the event "Failed to get blocked locks".
5) corrected ckoracle to be able to handle quoted strings and long strings for the ENVS option when parsing the listener.ora file.
6) Table space extension file blocking enhancement
7) Large speed enhancements to OracleUNIX KS's running on large Oracle clusters via SQL datacollection optimization in MO


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Previously undiscovered bugs within Oracle MO

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Formerly known as NETIQKB71371