"Login failed for user ". The user is not associated with a trusted SQL server connection (NETIQKB71274)

  • 7771274
  • 25-Sep-2008
  • 10-Sep-2009


Novell Netware environment

Security Manager 5.x

Security Manager 6.x


When trying to install Security Manager, the following error appears:

"Login failed for user ". The user is not associated with a trusted SQL Server connection."


To resolve this issue, first, ensure that the workstation or server you are connected to is a part of the Microsoft Active Directory domain. You can ensure this by getting properties on My Computer, and then going to the Computer Name tab. If the workstation/server are not part of the domain, join the machine to the domain first.

Next, ensure that the Active Directory account that you are intending to use has the correct rights on the database. The simplest way to ensure that this is not an issue is to grant the account, temporarily, system administrator privileges.

After you have validated that the server is a member of the domain, perform the following steps in order to both authenticate against the Microsoft Active Directory domain, and to install Security Manager:


  1. Hold down shift, and right click on the installer
  2. Click on the Run As... selection at the top of the contextual menu
  3. Choose the The following user: radio button, and then enter the correct correct credentials.
  4. Click OK

Once you have performed these actions, the installation should go through correctly. You will more than likely also need to perform the same actions in order to install Hotfixes and Service Packs for Security Manager.


This error is caused by an authentication issue. The credentials used to log into the Novell authentication server are not the same as used to authenticate against SQL when installing Security Manager.

Additional Information

Formerly known as NETIQKB71274