What SQL Collation is required for VigilEnt Policy Center to commuicate with the database? (NETIQKB71237)

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  • 27-Aug-2008
  • 10-Nov-2011


VigilEnt Policy Center 5.x



When installing VigilEnt Policy Center on to an existing SQL server, what should the collation be set to?

Can I install VigilEnt Policy Center on to an instance of SQL that is using a case sensitive collation?
VigilEnt Policy Center database and connection account are created successfully during an installation. When attempting to log in to the Admin site, your are prompted to change the Admin password.


VigilEnt Policy Center must be installed on to a SQL server using the default collation of case insensitive.  If the instance you have installed the database on is set to any other collation, VigilEnt Policy Center will not function.  You can not change the collation of an instance after it is created, therefore VPC will have to be installed on another instance that meets this requirement, or the instance itself will have to be reinstalled.


VigilEnt Policy Center is not written to deploy on a SQL server that has any collation set other than the default of non-case sensitive.  If you are attempting to install the product using any other collation, and the installation is successful, the application will not be able to properly communicate with the database.  The issue will present its self when trying to access the user or administration site.

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