How do I open documents with word 2007 in user site? (NETIQKB71165)

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  • 28-Jul-2008
  • 10-Sep-2009


NetIQ VigilEnt Polcy Center 5x

Office 2007

Word 2007



How do I open documents with word 2007 in user site?

The VPC User site opens outside of the Internet explore browser window.


To configure Internet Explorer to open Office files in the appropriate Office program by using the Folder Options tool:
1.Open My Computer.
2.On the Tools menu (or the View menu), clickFolder Options (or click Options).
3.Click the File Types tab.
4.In the Registered file types list, click the specific Office document type (for example, Microsoft Excel Worksheet), and then click Advanced (or click Edit).
5.In the Edit File Type dialog box, click the Browse in same window check box (or click the Open Web documents in place check box).

Click OK.




This behavior occurs if Internet Explorer is configured not to host documents for Office programs that are installed on the computer. By default, Internet Explorer is configured to host documents for Office programs.

Additional Information

Formerly known as NETIQKB71165

For Vista see this MS KB