How do I remove an old 5x Log Database server from a 6.x environment? (NETIQKB71131)

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  • 08-Jul-2008
  • 09-Sep-2009


Security Manager 6.x


When you upgrade from a 5.x environment to a 6.x environment, you can still utilize the older Log Database server. Once all of the Daily Log Databases are groomed however, typically you would want to retire this server. The following query allows you to remove the Log Database Server from your Configuration Group, thus allowing you to retire the server.


You will need to run the following query in order to remove the Log Database from your Configuration Group

use onepoint

update configuration
set  datavalue  = null
where datacategory = 'LM Configuration Parameters'
and  idcomputer is not null
and  dataname  = 'LOG_DB_SERVER'


Sometimes the old Log Database server will be listed in your new environment in the database, even though it has been retired.

Additional Information

Formerly known as NETIQKB71131