How do I install new modules in 5.6 with the Module Installer? (NETIQKB71096)

  • 7771096
  • 10-Jun-2008
  • 10-Sep-2009


Security Manager 5.6


Newer modules on the autosync server will not install onto a 5.6 installation.


Note:  Security Manager 5.x has been replaced by Version 6 and is no longer supported.  The following information is presented for user assistance only and is not available for support:


You will need to perform the following steps to get the ASA device to work:

1) Upgrade to SP1. To ensure that SP1 is applied, look at the version of EEMWF.DLL in the OnePoint directory. If it is .231, then your installation requires SP1. If it is .237, then it already has SP1 applied.

2) Install hotfix 70467 -

3) Update the module from the autosync server by opening the Module Installer, and then checking the Autosync checkbox at the top left. Select the module to update.


The Module Installer in 5.6 is able to install newer modules, however it requires a hotfix to be applied, along with SP1.

Additional Information

Formerly known as NETIQKB71096