How can I monitor AIX 6.1 with the AppManager UNIX Agent? (NETIQKB71042)

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  • 17-Apr-2008
  • 17-Apr-2008


AppManager for UNIX 7.0.1

AIX 6.1


How do I install the base Agent to AIX 6.1?


As of April 2008, the AppManager Agent for UNIX has not been fully tested for use or monitoring of AIX 6.1.  Y ou can install the AppManager Agent for UNIX version 7.0.1 for base OS monitoring of AIX 6.1 with specific start up parameters used during the Agent installation.  However, this means only the base OS will be monitored - no installed applications can be monitored by the 7.0.1 Agent on AIX 6.1 at this time.
In addition, you may only see a 'partial' discovery of the CPU object, which could result in incorrect data being collected or reported.

To install the UNIX 7.0.1 Agent on AIX 6.1, you include the '--ignore- os ' parameter to the installation command:

./netiq_agent_install --ignore-os

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