Unix Agent Rebuild for MS Designation (NETIQKB71018)

  • 7771018
  • 04-Apr-2008
  • 02-Nov-2009


AppManager for UNIX Agent 7.0.1
AppManager for UNIX Agent 6.5


AMU 6.5 agent never attempts to heartbeat MS
Can't use IP address for MS communication
NetIQms hanging when machines not designated
Agent configured to use non-standard port switches back to 9001 after install
Strange behavior in general on UA when two MS names are specified at install time.
Heartbeat still hangs after installing CHF 55939


Why Install this Hotfix?

This hotfix replaces hotfix 70843 and provides the following additional improvements to the AppManager 6.5 and 7.0.x UNIX agents:

  • The nqDecrypt Boolean, included with the Perl Knowledge Script function NetIQ::Nqext::DecryptPwd(), works properly when called from the AppManager for Oracle (UNIX) Perl module.
  • The agent works properly after synchronizing management server designation information where the secondary management server name is shorter than the primary management server.
  • In the NqmComms.xml file, you are no longer required to specify a <weight> tag value of 0 to designate a secondary management server. You can specify any integer value, except 1, to designate a secondary management server. To designate a primary management server, the <weight> tag must have a value of 1.

    For example, the following snippet shows the primary management server is myserverA and the secondary management server is myserverB:
  • Directories created by the agent are now given octal permissions of 0755 instead of 0777.
  • The agent now properly runs jobs that are scheduled to run on any "last" event, such as the last week of a month.
  • The overall stability of the agent is improved.
  • 11/09: A problem with the UNIX Agent not closing file handles on systems with bonded network cards has been fixed (see NETIQKB71916)

Additional Information

Formerly known as NETIQKB71018

This Hotfix is to be used in conjunction with the AM Windows Management Server Hotfix: 70798.  Be sure to download and apply BOTH hotfixes to the required\affected systems when available.