Unable to Delete Processing Rule Group or Processing Rule (NETIQKB70973)

  • 7770973
  • 08-Mar-2008
  • 06-Jun-2011


Security Manager 6.0 SP1



Unable to Delete Processing Rule Group or Processing Rule
After applying Service Pack 1 for Security Manager 6.0, I can no longer delete Processing Rules or Processing Rule Groups from the Development Console.


Note: This is no longer an issue in 6.5 Service Pack 3 or higher. Please update your installation to Security Manager 6.5 SP3.


In order to resolve this issue, perform the following steps:


1)      Open Component Services (in Administrative Tools) on your Central Computer

2)      Expand Component Services

3)      Expand Computers

4)      Expand My Computer

5)      Expand COM+ Applications

6)      Expand OnePointActiveOpsDas

7)      Expand Components

8)      Get Properties on DasServer.DasProcesssRule.1

9)      Go to the Transactions tab

10)  Change ?Requires New? to ?Required? under Transaction support

11)  Apply the changes.

12)  Do this on all of your Central Computers


A COM+ property needs to be modified to make this work.

Additional Information

Formerly known as NETIQKB70973