DAR File Access Report (DDRPTA) fails if *ALL is used for FIle Parameter (NETIQKB70950)

  • 7770950
  • 21-Feb-2008
  • 22-Feb-2008


Fact:  NetIQ Security Solutions for iSeries

Fact:  PSAudit

Fact:  Data Auditing and Reporting (DAR)


Symptom: Error: File *ALL in library ###### does not exist or you are not authorized to it.

Symptom: DAR File Access Report DDRPTA fails.


This is a known issue that has been reported to Development for a resolution.

The report can be utilized for individual files but not with the *ALL variable.

A possible workaround is to use the System Auditing and Reporting (SAR) report; Objects Accessed (Read).  The menu path options to this report from command PSMENU are as follows:  1-1-5-3-8.  A prerequisite for this report is that the Object Auditing (OBJAUD) parameter of the object(s) must specify *ALL.  The OBJAUD parameter value can be changed using the Change Object Auditing (CHGOBJAUD) command.  System Value QAUDCTL needs to have *OBJAUD selected.



Program that verifies existance of files and authority to them needs revision.

Additional Information

Formerly known as NETIQKB70950