Error: The Object 'OnePoint://cn=GroupUndelete,module=operations' does not exist. (NETIQKB70887)

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  • 17-Jan-2008
  • 17-Jan-2008


Directory and Resource Administrator 8.x


Error: The Object 'OnePoint://cn=GroupUndelete,module=operations' does not exist.

Error: The Object 'OnePoint://cn=ComputerUndelete,module=operations' does not exist.

Error: The Object 'OnePoint://cn=ContactUndelete,module=operations' does not exist.
Errors received when launching the 8.x Account and Resource Management Console.


This issue is caused when the version of the client console, in this case the Account and Resource Management Console (ARM), is of a newer version than the server it is connecting to.  The errors are related to the new feature of DRA 8.x versions for additional object types supported in the Recycle Bin.  The 8.x clients are coded for this new feature, however the 7.x versions of the DRA server are not.  Thus, the errors that are generated are specific to these new features.  Clicking OK will cycle through these errors and the ARM console will proceed to connect and launch successfully.

To resolve this issue, connect to an 8.x version of the DRA server with the 8.x ARM console client.


The 8.x version of the ARM console is connecting to a 7.x version of the DRA server and it does not recognize the new features for additional objects types that the Recycle Bin can support in 8.x.

Additional Information

Formerly known as NETIQKB70887