What authentication methods are supported for SCM database? (NETIQKB70790)

  • 7770790
  • 26-Nov-2007
  • 27-Nov-2007


NetIQ Secure Configuration Manager


Installation of SCM database on SQL server node with 'Windows only' authentication mode allows install to complete normally
Error logging into SCM console 'VigilEntService account is not associated with a trusted sql server connection'
VigilEntService account was missing Db_ddladmin and VigilEntUserAccess roles as roles hadn't been created.
VigilEntUserAccess role not created
Prerequisites do not currently specify this as a requirement.


Turn on mixed mode authentication

Start Microsoft SQL Server Studio Manager -> browse to the server node where you plan to install the VigilEnt database on

Right click and select the option Properties -> Go to the Security tab and select 'SQL Server and Windows' option for Authentication.





'Windows only' authentication is set on SQL server node where SCM VigilEnt database is installed

Additional Information

Formerly known as NETIQKB70790