The permissions for this GPO in the Sysvol folder are inconsistent with those in Active Directory. (NETIQKB70641)

  • 7770641
  • 04-Sep-2007
  • 24-Oct-2007


Group Policy Administrator 5.0 SP1


After applying SP1 for GPA 5, every time a GPO is exported and subsequently viewed in GPMC you get the error "The permissions for this GPO in the Sysvol folder are inconsistent with those in Active Directory. It is recommended that these permissions be consistent. To change the Sysvol permissions to those in Active Directory, click OK.".
After exporting a GPO with GPA 5.0 SP1, the GPO cannot be viewed with GPMC without an error being thrown.


Hotfix 70641 addresses an issue with Group Policy Objects (GPOs) that have been exported from the GP Repository to Active Directory (AD) when you attempt to select these GPOs with Group Policy Management Console (GPMC). Inconsistencies in permissions for the exported GPOs between the SYSVOL folder and AD cause GPMC to prompt you to make the permissions between AD and the SYSVOL folder the same.

Hotfix 70641 resolves this issue and ensures you can select exported GPOs in GPMC without having to confirm changes to the permissions in the SYSVOL folder.

Before installing this hotfix, you must install Group Policy Administrator 5.0 Service Pack 1.

To install this hotfix, perform the following steps on each GPA Console computer and GPA Server computer:

  1. Close all the GPA user interfaces in the GPA Console computer.
  2. Run the GPA50000_Hotfix70641.exe file.

Hotfix 70641 modifies the faGPRInterface.dll file. By default, GPA installs this file in the Program Files\NetIQ\Group Policy Administrator\Bin folder.


There is a code change in SP1 which modified the security descriptor of an exported GPO that allows for a non-domain admin user to be able to export GPO's.

Additional Information

Formerly known as NETIQKB70641


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