Cannot load config file when attempting to load the agent. (NETIQKB70608)

  • 7770608
  • 20-Aug-2007
  • 31-Mar-2008


Cannot load an XML configuration file when attempting to load the agent
as per the following located in NqmAgt.log:

tid: 1/Main_Thread,xml.none,../ua_xercesparser.cpp(197),XercesParser::parseXMLfile()] Parse error at /opt/netiq/UnixAgent/data/Config_1/NqmCfg.xml:1.1: The main XML document cannot be empty
tid: 1/Main_Thread,misc.error,../ua_agent.cpp(746),Agent::readConfigXMLData] Unable to parse configuration file /opt/netiq/UnixAgent/data/Config_1/NqmCfg.xml. Found 0 errors during XML parsing.
tid: 1/Main_Thread,misc.none,../ua_agent.cpp(714),Agent::readConfigXMLData] Unable to load any configurations.


nqmdaemon does not start when the init script is run.
Cannot parse an XML config file when attempting to load the agent.


Perform a full Cold-start of the the Unix Agent.

To do this, add -F to NIQ_AGENT_STARTUP_OPTIONS_ADDITION="" located in /etc/init.d/nqmdaemon then restart nqmdaemon.  After the restart be sure to remove the -F from /etc/init.d/nqmdaemon .

This will remove the current XML configurations and replaces them withe the default XML configurations.  Once this is done, the Unix Agent will re-pull the current XML's from the MS.


Corrupted or empty XML configuration.  Possibly due to a failed heartbeat.

Additional Information

Formerly known as NETIQKB70608

This process applies to Unix Agent version 6.5+  Any data collected since the last heartbeat will be lost.  (30 sec - 1 minute depending on your configuration)