How do I move managed agents from an old management server to a new one? (NETIQKB70552)

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  • 01-Aug-2007
  • 26-May-2011


NetIQ AppManager 6.x
NetIQ AppManager 7.0.x


How do I move managed agents from an old Management Server to a new one?

How do I retire an old Management Server or QDB?


Follow these steps to move managed agent servers from one QDB to another:

  • From the old environment (original Management Server), apply the AMAdmin_AgentConfigMSRestrictions knowledge script with the option to APPEND the new MS name to the Managed Server. This will set the Allow MS Registry key on any and all Managed Servers.
  • Restart the NetIQccm and NetIQmc services on the Managed Server's you ran the AMAdmin_AgentConfigMSRestrictions knowledge script on
  • Add the new Managed Server object to the new environment
  • Run all discovery knowledge scripts for all the applications on the Managed Server.
  • Drop new jobs in the new environment to validate communication is working between the Management Server and the Managed Server.
  • Now you can stop the old jobs on the old Management Server as they are added into the new environment.
  • Make sure that your Management Policies are manually migrated over, or are recreated in your new environment.
  • Make sure all the new objects are added to the new environment, communicating properly with the Management Server, and stopped from the old Management Server.
  • Rerun the AMAdmin_AgentConfigMSRestrictions knowledge script and use the REPLACE option so that the Managed Servers are set to only use the new Management Server.
  • Run the AMAdmin_SetPrimaryMS knowledge script to set the Primary Management Server for the newly added Managed Servers.

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