How do I upgrade to VPC version 5.0? (NETIQKB70459)

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  • 27-Jun-2007
  • 06-Nov-2008


VigilEnt Policy Center 4.2
VigilEnt Policy Center 5.0


How to upgrade from VPC 4.2 SP3 to VPC 5.0?


From a base of VPC 4.2 SP3, check the following:
     ? Repository: Are you currently using Active Directory as your repository?
          o If  customer has NT Domains selected as the repository in VPC 4.2 SP3 complete the following: See NETIQKB70811.
          o If you are using Active Directory as the repository, do you have ?Use native ADSI to connect to server? already selected?
     ? Database port: Are you using port 1433 to communicate with the NetIQVPC database?
          o If customer is using a port other than 1433 please complete the following:  See NETIQKB70812.

From a base of VPC 4.2 SP3, complete the following steps:

NOTE: Make a back up of the VPC directory, <install dir>\Program Files\NetIQ\VigilEnt Policy Center, and the database, NetIQVPC, before performing the upgrade.  If the path above is not present, make a back up the <install dir>\Program Files\PentaSafe\VigilEnt Policy Center.  If VPC is located under the PentaSafe path, the database instance will be named PentaSafeVPC. 

1. Logon to the Administration Site and ensure the Home page displays a version of in the System Info quadrant.

2. If you are using Active Directory as your repository, please be sure you have selected the checkbox 'Use native ADSI to connect to server' and click on the Update button. 

3. Logoff of VPC.

4. Open Microsoft SQL Enterprise Manager and select the NetIQVPC database from the list of available databases.

5. Click the Tools menu, and then select the SQL Query Analyzer from the dropdown menu.

The SQL Query Analyzer will open in a new console window.

6. Click the File menu, and select Connect.

The Select to SQL Server dialog will appear.

7. Select SQL Server Authentication, and then enter the Login name for the vpc_user (database connection user) and the associated password.

A new Query window will appear within the console.

8. From the file menu, choose Open and browse to the location of the AlterScript_4.2SP3000.sql and choose Open.  You should see the contents of the script in the query window.

9. Validate the SQL by clicking the Parse Query button in the menubar, typically identified by a checkmark.

A new window pane should appear with the message ?The command(s) completed successfully.?

At that point, click the Execute Query button in the menubar, typically identified by a chevron or triangle. Wait for a new set of messages to appear in the lower pane, when finished there should be a number of messages commenting on the number of rows that were affected by the actions taken.

NOTE: The time necessary for this action to complete is directly proportionate to the size of the database. The larger the database, the more time it will take to complete.

Make note of any messages that appear in the window that were not mentioned in this document.

10. Restart the VigilEnt Policy Center services.

11. Apply the VPC 5.0 upgrade

12. Logon to the Administration Site and ensure the Home page displays a version of in the System Info quadrant.

13. Apply VPC 5.0 HF1 (HF56412) then VPC 5.0 HF2 (HF56308).

14. Restart the VigilEntPolicyCenter Services.

15. Logon to the Administration Site, click Administration ? Options ? Repository, and synchronize all applicable repositories.

When completed, review the sync details for number of users and groups to verify a successful sync.

16. Review the following for accuracy:

a. Ability to search for and view users/groups in VPC

b. Single User Summary reports in 5.0 in comparison to the same reports in VPC 4.2 SP3

c. User Site Inbox displays for prioritized list of required documents for 5.0 in comparison to the same display per targeted user in VPC 4.2 SP3

17. Repeat steps 15-16 as desired to ensure the accuracy of sync.

18. Apply Service Pack 1 for VPC 5.0.


19. Apply Service Pack 2 for VPC 5.0.






Additional Information

Formerly known as NETIQKB70459

Please contact NetIQ Technical support to get the 'Alter Script' which is needed for the upgrade.



Non-standard port procedure (NETIQKB70459).doc
NT Repository (NETIQKB70459).doc