Service Pack 2 for VPC 5.0 (NETIQKB70410)

  • 7770410
  • 15-Jun-2007
  • 22-Sep-2008


This service pack includes the following corrections for issues within VigilEnt Policy Center (VPC):

* Standardizes naming conventions used in compliance reporting.
* Corrects an issue that occurs during the migration of existing user data to a new account.
* Corrects issue that occurs when a user runs a quiz report against a quiz that lacks description text.
* Improves consistency of user/group searches in compliance reporting.
* Corrects issue that prevents the viewing of all quiz retakes in the Single User Summary report.
* Corrects issue that prevents report administrators from accessing users' answers when clicking quiz scores in the Single User Summary report.
* Corrects issue that occurs when users logon to the Administration Site within a custom role.
* Extends ability to execute Quiz Compliance reports with a scope of Show All Compliant.
* Corrects error that occurs when a user saves changes to the passing grade from the quiz properties screen.
* Corrects error that occurs when a user attempts to display summary reports with special characters.
* Corrects error that limits inline audit reports to a seven day reporting interval.
* Improves consistency of report identifiers with regards to required/not required status.
* Corrects an issue on upgrades that causes custom header files to be overwritten.
* Corrects an issue that occurs when a user runs a Summary of All report against documents in archived status.
* Extends ability to execute Single User Summary reports against retired users.
* Corrects an issue that occurs when generating document links using HTTPS protocol.
* Corrects an error that occurs when a user enters non-numeric characters for the quiz passing grade.
* Corrects an issue that occurs when user migration search results are returned with null entries for repositories.
* Improves formatting of search results returned in the ACL editor screens.
* Corrects an error that occurs with reference files when webapps directories need to be redeployed after installation.
* Extends ability to search the VPC policy libraries from the inline Word Editor.
* Corrects an inconsistency in how quiz scores are displayed in compliance reports.
* Corrects an inconsistency in the use of wildcard characters (*) in targeted site user/group searches.
* Corrects issue that occurs when a user clicks the launch URL to open a document on the User Site.
* Extends user migration functionality to allow migration of user data from retired accounts.

This service pack requires VPC 5.0 ( or VPC 5.0 SP1 (

Before you install this service pack, be sure to back up your VPC database and the VPC installation directory.

To install this service pack:
1.  Be sure you have installed VPC 5.0 ( or have a starting point of VPC 5.0 SP1 (
2.  Be sure you have performed the necessary back up procedures.
3.  Exit VPC.
4.  Run the setup.exe file on each computer where VPC is installed.

NOTE: In upgrades from 4.2 SP3 to the latest service pack power users were given the Compliance Reporting (Global) permission. If you want to restrict access to reports for power users, you will need to deselect that permission option in the interface.

NOTE: Commas and semicolons in document titles may cause layout issues when a user runs a User Summary report against multiple users.

NOTE: User Summary and Summary of All Policy Compliance reports have been consolidated into a single Summary report offering that allows for single or multiple document selection as well as providing more detailed report data.

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Additional Information

Formerly known as NETIQKB70410