security manager service keeps stopping. (NETIQKB70394)

  • 7770394
  • 08-Jun-2007
  • 31-Dec-2007


Security Manager 5.6
Security Manager 6.0


Event ID 9015: ThreadName: AgntCnf


The new DRA module for SM 5.6 will have a single quote "PaswordPolicy" that will resolve this error.

To upgrade the module:

  1. Open the Monitor Console
  2. Select Security Manager Monitor Console to present the Today Page
  3. Under Getting Started select Launch Module Installer
  4. Check NetIQ Directory and Resource Administrator and click Install

Or you can modify these two entries to single quotes.



Source               number    metadataindex     fielded  mapexpression      


MCSAdminSvc  16265        265                       797     "PasswordPolicy"    

MCSAdminSvc  16266        266                       797     "PasswordPolicy"  



Run this query in query analyzer to find the bad mapexpression 

use onepoint

select * from metadatamap where mapexpression like '%passwordpolicy%'


Run this query to repair the bad mapexpression:

use onepoint
update metadatamap
set mapexpression = '"PasswordPolicy"' where mapexpression = '""PasswordPolicy""'



The DRA module in SM5.1 has double quotes for ""PasswordPolicy"" in the metadatamap table, mapexpression column, one point db.  It should be only single quotes. 


The metadata that is bad is contained in one of these two lines:

Source               number    metadataindex     fielded  mapexpression      


MCSAdminSvc  16265        265                       797     ??PasswordPolicy??  

MCSAdminSvc  16266        266                       797     ??PasswordPolicy??     

Additional Information

Formerly known as NETIQKB70394