SQL jobs are not running (NETIQKB70387)

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  • 08-Jun-2007
  • 08-Aug-2008


Security Manager 6.x


SQL jobs are not running.

"Executed as user: Domain\usename. The process could not be created for step 1 of job 0x166D36CE35F0AF44BA283DB38DE157B2 (reason: A required privilege is not held by the client). The step failed."


Run the SQL services under the system account.  DO NOT change the SQL service logon accounts using window services, use the the SQL server configuration manager.

Go to Start | all programs | microsoft sql server 2005 | configuration tools | sql server configuration manger | in the left pane, highlight "sql server 2005 services" | in the right pane, right click the service and choose properties | select the radio button "built in account" | from the drop down choose "network service" for the integration services and choose "local system" for all of the other SQL services.




When user adds a domain account to the SQL Server admin groups, SQL Server jobs will not run. 

SQL cannot function properly if a domain account is used to run SQL Server services.

Additional Information

Formerly known as NETIQKB70387