User account expiration date not appearing on any checks for AIX in the 5.6 agent (NETIQKB70340)

  • 7770340
  • 24-May-2007
  • 03-Nov-2011


  • The account expiration date field reports blank in AIX for all checks in the 5.6 Unix security agent
  • NetIQ Secure Configuration Manager 5.6
  • NetIQ Security Agent for Unix 5.6


Apply Hotfix70340 available on the NetIQ Support Site, the Readme is attached below which is also available in the hotfix file.

  • Hotfix 70340 corrects an issue where the agent is unable to access a user's expiration date and password on systems running AIX.
  • Hotfix 70340 modifies the libUnixUser.a file in the [INSTALL-DIR]/cmngagent/lib/ directory on the agent computer.

This hotfix requires NetIQ Security Agent for UNIX 5.6.

To install this hotfix on UNIX agent computers:

1. Start the UNIX Manager console.
2. Click Manage Agents.
3. Click Hosts > Scan All Hosts to verify all agents are active and registered.
4. Click Hosts > Patch Mgr.
5. Click Load.
6. Select the file and click Open.
7. Select the hosts to which you want to apply this hotfix.
8. Select 5.6.6 as the patch to apply.
9. Click Apply to update the selected hosts.
10. Close and restart UNIX Manager.

For more information about NetIQ Security Agent for UNIX and this hotfix, contact NetIQ Solutions Support at

Additional Information

Formerly known as NETIQKB70340