Cube processing job failing (NETIQKB70337)

  • 7770337
  • 23-May-2007
  • 31-Dec-2007


Security Manager 6.0

SQL Report server
SQL 2005


Cube processing job will fail if sys admin privilege is removed after install.

The job will fail. No event will be generated for the error. The only way to see the error will be to look at the job history.


You can use the following process to correct this issue:

  1. Open the SQL management studio.
  2. Open the 'Proxies' menu SQL Server Agent.
  3. Go to the SSIS Package Execution folder and expand it.  You should see the service account there.
  4. Open the Properties for the service account ( Double click or Right click properties menu)  Click on the Principals option.
  5. On the right side, use the 'Add' button and add the 'service account' principal that will be displayed under the sql logins.
  6. Press OK and finish the process.


Even though we don't need sysadmin privileges for running the cube processing job, the job will fail to run if the service account had 'sysadmin' rights before the install and the user removes this right after installing the product. The reason for this is the API that we use will not work if the user has sysadmin rights. Hence it will not set the appropriate permissions during install. But as long as you have sysadmin it will work fine. The moment you remove it, the job will fail.

Additional Information

Formerly known as NETIQKB70337