Does DRA support the management of Child-Objects or Leaf-Objects on managed objects such as Users? (NETIQKB70153)

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  • 30-Mar-2007
  • 03-Nov-2011


Directory and Resource Administrator 8.x


Does DRA support the management of Child Objects or Leaf Objects on managed objects such as Users?

Can I permanently delete objects in the Recycle Bin that have associated Leaf Objects?


No.  Directory and Resource Administrator (DRA) does not currently support the management of Child/Leaf objects on any of the managed objects types (Users, Groups,  etc.)  , EXCEPT for Computer Objects. As of DRA 8.1 SP1  support for deleting Children of Computer objects has been added. Furthermore, User Interface Extension pages cannot add attribute fields associated with these Child/Leaf objects.   They are unsupported by DRA at this time.  Also, any object that is sent to the Recycle Bin that has an associated Leaf Object will not be able to be permanently deleted.  The object can, however, be successfully restored.

Additional Information

Formerly known as NETIQKB70153

An Enhancement Request has been opened with Development to include this functionality in a future version of Directory and Resource Administrator.