GPA displays IP addresses inconsistently on the Settings report in Security Zones & Privacy sections (NETIQKB70119)

  • 7770119
  • 21-Mar-2007
  • 20-Jun-2007



GPA displays IP addresses inconsistently on the Settings report in the Security Zones & Privacy sections when the same IP address is added for http and ftp.


Inconsistent information is displayed in reports when the same IP is added for http and IP address in Web zones of Internet properties


NetIQ Group Policy Administrator 5.0 SP1


Hotfix 70119 addresses an issue with how Group Policy Administrator (GPA) displays IP addresses in the GPO Settings report depending on how you specify the IP address in the Security Zones and Privacy section of a GPO. For example, if you specify an IP address as and also as , the GPO Settings report does not show the same IP address for both entries.

Hotfix 70119 resolves this issue so that the GPO Settings report displays consistent information for the same IP address regardless of how you specify it in the GPO.

Before installing this hotfix, you must install Group Policy Administrator 5.0 Service Pack 1.

To install this hotfix, perform the following steps on each GPA console computer:

1.  Close all GPA user interfaces.

2.  Run the GPA50000_Hotfix70119.exe file.

Hotfix 70119 modifies the faGPEIeak.dll file. By default, GPA installs this file in the Program Files\NetIQ\Group Policy Administrator\Common\Bin folder.


Additional Information

Formerly known as NETIQKB70119