What are the steps and permissions required for running the NetIQ User Companion Tool? (NETIQKB56199)

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  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 27-Apr-2010


Security Manager 5.X
Security Manager 6.X


What are the steps and permissions required for running the NetIQ User Companion Tool?



To download the User Companion Tool, go to http://netiq.com/support/sm/ and click on the Utilities section. Once you are logged in, the User Companion Tool will be available for download.

How to Run the User Companion Tool

When you are asked to run the User Companion Tool, you will need to copy the executable to the machine you need to collect the logs from. Run the User Companion Tool executable, and once completed there will be options as to what to collect or not collect.


Once the tool is completed, it will create a file known as a .SQA file, on the desktop of the machine it was run on. This is the file which Technical Support requires to diagnose the issue that you are seeing. This file is both encrypted and compressed, and can only be opened by a tool that NetIQ has internally. Send the SQA file in to Technical Support in order to progress the issue you are working on with them.


The permissions required to run the utility can be different depending on the reason to run the utility.

  • For UI Only/Console Only issues - For issues which are UI only issues, have the user with the UI issue run the User Companion Tool. The rights required are access to the UI log files, and that user should have access to those logs.
  • For All Other issues - All other issues require Local Administrative rights in order to collect what is required.

Note - The User Companion Tool will attempt to collect information from SQL, specifically the OnePoint database.


If Technical Support requests that you run the User Companion tool on a computer with tracelevel enabled, these are the steps required to enable tracelevel.

    1. Stop the NetIQ Security Manager service on the agent or Central Computer
    2. Delete the files located in %windir%\temp\netiq
    3. Delete the files located in %allusersprofile%\Application Data\NetIQ\Security Manager\(configuration name)
    4. Open regedit and expand the tree view to HKLM\SOFTWARE\NetIQ
    5. Find the value on the right called TraceLevel and set its value to the decimal specified by Technical Support.
    6. Restart the NetIQ Security Manager service.
    7. Wait until the problem to occurs
    8. Run the User Companion Tool on the agent or central computer which is exhibiting the problem.
    9. To stop logging, reset the TraceLevel value from Step 2 to hex 0xffffffff (enter 8 f's), and restart the NetIQ Security Manager service.
    10. Send NetIQ Technical Support the .sqa file that is created on the desktop.


Technical Support and Development require log files in order to diagnose some issues. The User Companion Tool is the easiest way to collect logs.

Additional Information

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