How do I change the port that is used to connect to the database? (NETIQKB56118)

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  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 17-Dec-2008


NetIQ Secure Configuration Manager 5.7



How do I change the port Core Services uses to connect to the database.


To change the port go to the Core Services machine and select start\Programs\NetIQ Secure Configuration Manager\Core Services Configuration Utility.  The Core Services Configuration Utility window will display, select the database tab.  On the database tab locate the first entry Database Server,  after the databse server name is a colon and then the default port number of 1433.  Replace the 1433 port number with the actual port number the database has been set to use, then select apply and OK.  Once this is completed go to services and stop and restart the NetIQ Core Services service, then try to login again. 


The default port for the SQL database installation is 1433, however to increase security it is often changed.  If this port is changed then NetIQ Secure Configuration Manager Core Services needs to be modified to the changed port.

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Formerly known as NETIQKB56118