Are there any known issues upgrading or installing Security Manager 5.6? (NETIQKB55986)

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Are there any known issues upgrading or installing Security Manager 5.6?

What are the known issues when upgrading to Security Manager 5.6?

How can I fix a failed installation or upgrade?

Are there any known issues with Security Manager 5.6?

Security Manager 5.6


In some instances, installing or upgrading to Security Manager version 5.6 may require you to perform actions supplemental to those described in the Release Notes and the Installation Guide for NetIQ Security Manager. Review the following Knowledge Base articles and issue descriptions for instances that may apply to your Security Manager environment:

  • NETIQKB55993 - 'Unable to view any Summary reports using the Security Manager Control Center user interface'

    It is possible that the installation of the Crystal Reports for .NET Framework 2.0 did not complete successfully during the install process. Without this package, you cannot view any Summary reports.

  • NETIQKB55982 - 'Unable to view any saved forensic queries using Security Manager Control Center.'

    When you create and save a forensic query using the same internal name as an existing query, the Security Manager Control Center does not display any queries in My Queries.

  • NETIQKB55885 - 'Unhandled exception occurred while running the Security Manager Control Center.'

    This issue occurs when the Security Manager Control Center Today Page displays the Most Common Event view and the chart is resized to be very small.

  • NETIQKB54249 - 'After applying Microsoft patches released on 8/8/2006, Security Manager will not start properly.'

    Event ID 31533 ('The NqSmLM is not running. Restarting.') occurs every 5 minutes in the application log. The Security Manager Control Center does not open and displays an error that no central computer is running the NqSmLm service.

  • NETIQKB52609 - 'Error in importing PRG: Error information has 2 rows and 6 columns.'

    When importing modules, the process fails with a bulk insert error. Clean out any orphaned rules by following the steps in NETIQKB52609 and then rerun the setup.

  • NETIQKB47358 - 'Security Manager does not collect events from ISS RealSecure SiteProtector 2.0 after applying Service Pack 5.'

    After upgrading to Security Manager 5.6, the provider for ISS RealSecure Site Protector 2.0 with Service Pack 5 or Service Pack 6 no longer collects events from the database. This issue occurs only in environments where you installed the ISS RealSecure Site Protector buddy drop that NetIQ Technical Support provides.

    NetIQ is currently developing a new module for Security Manager 5.6 that will resolve this issue. The new module is due out at the end of January 2007.

  • NETIQKB56287 - "Can not load dll library SMCustomActions.dll"

    There is a dependency of the Security Manager 5.6 installation upon Windows Installer 3.0.  If this is not installed, the install will not be able to complete.

  • After upgrading to Security Manager version 5.6, you receive a C++ exception error message for the NqSmSvc.exe service. You will receive this error if there are intermittent problems with connectivity to the SQL database. Development is currently working to resolve this issue, and a hotfix should be available soon.

  • After upgrading to Security Manager version 5.6, the NetIQ Security Manager service stops running and you start receiving event 9015 in the Windows application log, with a thread name of AgntCnf. This typically indicates that your Security Manager modules need to be upgraded to the latest version for Security Manager 5.6. Using the Module Installer, browse to the Modules folder on the in.
    stallation CD to upgrade the modules, or upgrade using the Autosync server if you have access to the Internet.

  • When restarting the central computer after upgrading to Security Manager version 5.6, you receive event 7022 in the Windows system log: 'NetIQ Security Manager Core service hung on startup.' You can safely ignore this event. The service automatically tries to restart itself and will come up without a problem.

  • When verifying the Security Manager databases during installation, the installer might freeze or display an error stating that MSDTC needs to be configured. To resolve this issue, exit the setup program, configure your DTC settings, and re-run the setup program.

    To configure Network DTC Access, use the Component Services administrative tool.  Expand Computers, and then right-click My Computer and select properties.  Select the MSDTC tab and then click on Security Configuration in the Transaction Configuration area.  In the Security Configuration window, enable the following settings:

    For Windows 2003 SP1:
    • Enable Network DTC Access
    • Allow Remote Clients
    • Allow Remote Administration
    • Allow Inbound
    • Allow Outbound
    • No Authentication Required
    • Enable XA Transaction

Note: The No Authentication Required setting is only necessary if either the central computer or database server is running Windows 2000 server or Windows 2003 without service pack 1.  If both computers are running Windows 2003 sp1, you can select Mutual or Incoming.

For more information about configuring DTC security, see the Help for Component Services or KB article 899191 on the Microsoft support site (

For Windows 2003 without SP1:

    • Enable Network DTC access
    • Network Administration
    • Network Transactions
    • Enable XA Transaction

Note:  A reboot may be necessary after making the above changes.  If the install still fails to validate the database server, reboot both the database server and the central computer and then re-run the setup.

  • The Security Manager Control Center appears to freeze on 'Restoring Navigation View State'. Press the Alt-Tab keys to see if any dialog boxes are hidden beneath the splash screen. Error messages displayed as the views are restored can cause the Control Center to seem to stall.

  • If a manual agent does not have a central computer assigned to it when you upgrade to Security Manager version 5.6, the agent will no longer send events but will continue to send valid heartbeats. You will see event 21323 repeated in the application log of the agent. This can happen when the agent is authorized using the Deployment Wizard in Security Manager version 5.1. If the agent was included in a manualmc.txt file before the upgrade, the agent will function normally.

    Workaround: Reassign these agents to a central computer using the Agent Summary View in the Agent Administrator. They will then be properly configured and will start sending events after downloading the rules.

  • When installing modules, the module installation process fails with an out-of-space error. This occurs when you do not allocate a sufficient amount of free space to the OnePoint database during setup. NetIQ recommends you allocate an amount of free space equal to 40% of the final size of the OnePoint database before upgrading. Allocate an amount of free space equal to 20% of the final size of the OnePoint.
    database to the log files.

  • Agent upgrades fail. One potential reason for this failure is that you did not upgrade Internet Explorer on the agent computer to version 6.0 or later prior to upgrading the agent. To verify the reason for failure, open the Monitor Console and expand Monitor > Security Views > Security Manager Self-monitoring > Central Computers > Agent Installation Failures (last 24 hours).

  • When configuring a Security Manager version 5.6 agent to monitor Checkpoint or Cisco IDS, run the appropriate configuration utility. For manually installed agents, run the appropriate utility from the NetIQ Security Manager > Configuration Utilities program group on the manual agent computer. For more information about managed agents, see the Installation Guide for NetIQ Security Manager, the NetIQ Security Manager for Check Point Products Monitoring Guide, and the NetIQ Security Manager for Cisco IDS Monitoring Guide.

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