ReportAM_SystemUpTime report reports success but is not complete. (NETIQKB55975)

  • 7755975
  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 20-Jan-2012


NetIQ AppManager 7.x


ReportAM_SystemUpTime report reports success but is not complete.

ReportObject.MakeDrillDownReportV1 COM ERROR Code(0x80040e2f) IDispatch error #3119

ReportObject.MakeDrillDownReportV1 COM ERROR Source= Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server

ReportObject.MakeDrillDownReportV1 COM ERROR Description= Cannot insert the value NULL into column 'MaintenanceStatus', table 'tempdb.dbo.#MaintAdhoc_________________________________________________________________________________________________________000100021B38'; column does not allow nulls. INSERT fails.

2006/12/8, 8:48:38 - ReportObject.MakeDrillDownReportV1 Did not complete!


To resolve this issue you can run the following SQL queries against the MachineMntHistory table of the QDB

  1. UPDATE MachineMntHistory set Operation = 'Start-Maintenance' where Operation = 'Pending-Start-Maintenance'
  2. UPDATE MachineMntHistory set Operation = 'Stop-Maintenance' where Operation = 'Pending-Stop-Maintenance'
  3. UPDATE MachineMntHistory set MntLevel =  1 where MntLevel = -1


Operation entries in the MachineMntHistory reflect the operation Pending-Start-Maintenance and Pending-Stop-Maintenance. The NetIQrpSystemUptime1x stored procedure that is used by the ReportAM_SystemUptime report KS is designe to select entries from the MachineMntHistory table into a temp table based on the options selected in the KS parameters. As a part of this procedure it evaluates the entries in the Operation column and selects them into the temp table equating the status to a numerical value (0 or 1). In this case there is a limitation of the stored procedure in that it is not designed to handle the status' of Pending-Start-Maintenance and Pending-Stop-Maintenance. As a result it attempts to add a NULL entry to the #MaintAdhoc temporary table.

Additional Information

Formerly known as NETIQKB55975