What AppManager for Unix Agent 6.0.2 issues are addressed in Hotfix 55938? (NETIQKB55938)

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  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 03-Dec-2010


NetIQ AppManager 6.0.2
NetIQ AppManager for Unix 6.0.2


What AppManager for Unix Agent 6.0.2 issues are addressed in Hotfix 55938?
What is the purpose of Hotfix 55938?


This hotfix is recommended for all users running NetIQ AppManager version 6.0.2 and using NetIQ AppManager UNIX agent 6.0.2 on all UNIX platforms (except some platform specific issues).

This hotfix resolves the following known issues:

  • The performance of the UNIX agent degrades when multiple jobs are dropped on the agent using Knowledge Script Groups. With this hotfix, the performance issue has been resolved.
  • The Syslog Knowledge Script does not perform maintenance on its copy of syslog file. The hotfix resolves issues associated with the abnormal growth in the file size and the file handler issues related to the UNIX syslog file.
  • The UNIX agent fails to heartbeat the management servers which affects the UNIX agent and the management server logs. This is due to longer Machine Poll Interval in the Operator Console. This hotfix resolves the heartbeat failover scenario.
  • The MemShortage Knowledge Script monitors the physical memory of a system. If the script returns a zero (0) value for the paging scan rate, it implies sufficient physical memory availability whereas a progressively higher positive scan rate (>0) implies higher physical memory usage (memory bottleneck). This hotfix resolves an error that caused the MemShortage Knowledge Script to occasionally return negative scan rate values.
  • The MemShortage Knowledge Script collects swap memory statistics instead of physical memory statistics. With this hotfix, the MemShortage Knowledge Script collects the physical memory statistics.
  • The NetInterfacesErrors Knowledge Script cannot find input error counter on bond network interface cards setup with no IP address assigned to them. With this hotfix, the NetInterfacesErrors Knowledge Script finds input error counter on bond network interface cards setup with no IP address assigned to them. (Linux only)
  • The LogicalDiskIO Knowledge Script fails to monitor file-based partitions on the Linux operating system. With this hotfix, the LogicalDiskIO26 Knowledge Script monitors logical disk IO activity, including disk transfers, block reads, and block writes per second on Linux kernel 2.6. (Linux only)
  • The CPULoaded Knowledge Script gathers incorrect data. Use the CpuUtil Knowledge Script to collect data for CPU's % User utilization, % System utilization, % Wait, % Idle, and Total utilization. (HP-UX only)
  • The ASCIILog Knowledge Script causes memory leak. Use the Maximum number of Log files to keep property in the Values tab to specify the maximum number of log files allowed during logging ASCII log entries. This hotfix resolves the memory leak caused by the ASCIILog Knowledge Script. (SUSE Linux only)

Installing the AppManager UNIX Agent Version 6.0.2 Hotfix

You must install this hotfix on agent computers, resository computers, and management servers only once.

The AM602_UNIX_62_Hotfix55938.exe download package contains the following files:

  • AM602_UNIX_62_Hotfix55938.tar
  • AM602_UNIX_62_Hotfix55938_Setup.exe
  • AM602_UNIX_62_Readme55938.htm

Note: Before applying this hotfix on HP-UX platform, take a backup of the /etc/syslog.conf file.

To install this hotfix:

  1. Download the AM602_UNIX_62_Hotfix55938.exe installation package. https://download.netiq.com/KnowledgeDepot/AMU/Hotfixes/Recommended/AM602_UNIX_62_Hotfix55938.exe
  2. Extract the contents of the downloaded package to a specific folder. The default location is C:\Program Files\NetIQ.
  3. Run AM602_UNIX_62_Hotfix55938_Setup.exe on all repository computers and management servers to install the Knowledge Scripts, reports, and object type information. For repositories running in a clustered environment, run AM602_UNIX_62_Hotfix55938_Setup.exe on all nodes in the cluster.
  4. Log on to your UNIX computer with root privileges.
  5. Copy the extracted AM602_UNIX_62_Hotfix55938.tar file to your UNIX computer.
  6. In the directory where you copied the AM602_UNIX_62_Hotfix55938.tar file, enter the following command:
    tar -xvf AM602_UNIX_62_Hotfix55938.tar
    This command unpacks the files AM602_UNIX_62_Hotfix55938.sh and other platform specific library files into the current directory.
  7. Run the AM602_UNIX_62_Hotfix55938.sh shell script, to apply the hotfix.
    The script deploys all files needed for the specific UNIX operating system.

The MAINT.LOG file lists all changes and problems encountered during the installation process. The MAINT.ERR log file lists only the problems encountered. By default, these file are located in the \NetIQ\Temp\NetIQ_Debug folder.

Additional Information

Formerly known as NETIQKB55938

If you are running AppManager for Unix Agent 6.5, please refer to the following Knowledge Base article:

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