How do I add the description field to the results of searching for computers in the web console? (NETIQKB55590)

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Directory & Resource Administrator 8.x


How do I add the description field to the results of searching for computers in the web console?

How do I add columns to the results of searches in the web console?


The Result columns determine what data is displayed in the columns of the Search Form. Result columns are specified using the SearchForm.AddResultColumn method, as follows:

SearchForm.AddResultColumn PropertyName, Caption

The selected search property is dynamically added to the result columns by the Search Form. So, if a  user enters the search criteria "User Logon ID begins with ac", the Search Form would have an  additional result column to display the Logon ID.
In order to add a column to the Computer Search form so that it will always appear, the following steps can be followed.  In this example, we will use the Description attribute to add a column.

Go to the C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\DRAWeb\WebConsole\BuiltIn\Common\Scripts\SearchForms folder on the DRA/IIS server.

Copy the file CreateComputerSearchForm.asp to this folder:


Remove the Read-only attribute on the copied folder.

NOTE:  Do NOT modify or delete the file from the BuiltIn folder.  This allows you to restore web console functionality if you incorrectly edit the copied file.

Open the copied file with notepad.

Find the section of text in the file that looks like this:

SearchForm.AddResultColumn "$McsFriendlyName",  WebConsole.GetAppMsg("COMPUTER_SEARCH_RESULT_COL_NAME_CAPTION")
SearchForm.AddResultColumn "$McsFriendlyPath",  WebConsole.GetAppMsg("COMPUTER_SEARCH_RESULT_COL_PATH_CAPTION")

Just below the last line of text above add the line:

SearchForm.AddResultColumn "Description", "Description"

The first term is the attribute name and the second is the Column Title.

Save the file.

You will not need to restart any services, but you will need to make this same change on all DRA/IIS servers.

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